Sunday, February 24, 2013

How To Earn Free Wii Points Codes

If you want to get free Wii points codes is how you can do it. Points2shop lets you earn credits to use at there website or to get stuff like the Wii points on Amazon through there website. So if you see something that you like at you can order it through Points2shop with the credits you have.

To get credits they have different kinds of tasks that you can complete to earn credits to spend on Wii points. You can do surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and play games to earn credits to use for anything on there website or at Amazon.

You can get the free Wii points without surveys to! So don't think just because it's a survey website that you wont like it because there's much more to this site than just that. There's tons of other ways to earn your credits, thats just one of them...

Points2shop will even send you a $1.00 dollar bill to your house just for joining to show you they're real. I know its not much, but hey who's gonna turn down a free dollar? They'll also give you $2.50 worth in credits (250 credits) to use for the 2000 Wii points code your earning.

How will I get the Wii points once I order them from Points2shop? You'll get the Wii points emailed to you if you order them from the "Gift card" page of Points2shop. if you order the code by amazon on Points2shop it'll depend on the seller. Some sellers will probably email you a code while others will mail a card to you.

Wii points code that another member earned for free from Points2shop!
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